I created the soundscape for Zoetrope, A VR Film and installation by Circus Performer and Director Remy Archer.

 Zoetrope explores community lead circus projects in Cambodia, Palestine and Ethiopia and the positive effect these projects have on people’s lives

Zoetrope ran as an immersive installation at the Roundhouse throughout Circusfest 2018. The installation utilised a surround speaker set up and lighting effects to immersive the audience in the various locations of the film.



I composed the score for London Poetry Slam Champion Richard Marsh and UK Poetry Slam Champion Sara Hirsch's Fringe show, Todd and God. A comic drama that follows an athiests spiritual conversion and his attempts to reboot religion.

I worked with Poet Richard Marsh and Director Dan Coleman over the course of a month to create a score that represented the hapless nature of the main character Todd, as well as the granduer of God and Religion.

After a series of preview shows around theatres in London, Todd & God ran at the Pleasance Dome in Edinburgh throughout the Fringe and received a top 10 pick in The Stage.


Thousand fibres

For three consecutive days I worked closely with the Roundhouse Street Circus and Directors Charlotte Mooney & John Berkavitch to compose the score for the Thousand Fibres performance. Thousand Fibres blends circus, speech and sound to create thrilling, visual storytelling.

Following a conversation with Director Charlotte Mooney that outlined the main themes and ideas behind the performance, I worked on site at the Roundhouse to create a score that would complement the acrobatic aspects of the performance, sit underneath the spoken word passages and ultimately help convey the mood of each part of the performance.

Thousand Fibres premiered on the 18th April 2017 and ran for three consecutive nights in the main space of the Roundhouse as the pre-show performance to Compagine XY’s It’s Not Yet Midnight.