Kinetic Tones

Sound ART

‘Kinetic Tones’, is an installation that combines open source software and hardware, microphones and re-purposed newtons cradles and marble runs to create music.

As a marble goes down the run it passes a series of trigger points, each trigger point can correspond to an individual note or generate a random note. In random mode the installation will create generated melodies and rhythms when multiple marbles go down the run at once.

This installation was first displayed at IKLECTIK with the instrument building and hacking group 'Hackoustic' for one of their 'Hackoustic Presents' nights

It then went on to be displayed at The Old Truman Brewery to great success for the Music and Sound Technology Festival 'WE ARE ROBOTS'. The piece was also featured in a Sound & Technology special of the BBC World Service Radio Show & Podcast 'Click'.