Sound Art



Made in collaboration with Helen Leigh, this series of other-worldly circuit sculptures was first conceived at Music Tech Fest Frankfurt 2019. The first creature that was made produces harp like synthetic tones through physical modelling synthesis when touched. Each rod corresponds to a different note within a pre-programmed scale, though if a more chaotic approach is desired the player can trigger a cascade of notes by allowing the rods to continuously bounce off each over. The second creature produces sub frequency bass tones that can be modulated by touching the outer rods.

water bowls

Aesthetically and sonically based on meditative singing bowls, this instrument responds to proximity and capacitive touch data to create sonorous resonating tones when played. The tonal characteristics of each bowl morph the longer they’re sustained for in order to mimic the physical attributes of a resonating singing bowl. Diffused LEDs light up underneath each bowl to create an all round engrossing experience for the player.


‘Kinetic Tones’, is an installation that combines open source software and hardware, microphones and re-purposed newtons cradles and marble runs to create music.

As a marble goes down the run it passes a series of trigger points, each trigger point can correspond to an individual note or generate a random note. In random mode the installation will create generated melodies and rhythms when multiple marbles go down the run at once.